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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Welcome To My Sewing Room!

This is where I spend my days planning and plotting new projects.  Although the room also serves as an extra bedroom and office, everything works well together.  It is often in a state of messiness, but I love spending my time here.  

I enjoy several hobbies, but sewing is my passion.  For 15 years, I used a Bernina 180E.  I very recently upgraded to the Bernina 770E.  There is a learning curve, but I already love it.  
Right now, you can see in the photo that my machine is sitting atop an old Koala QuiltMate sewing cabinet.  The cabinet is still in great shape, but the 770 is too large for the lift.  I am waiting for delivery of a new Koala Treasure Chest Sewing Studio.  I am so excited!  It should be here in the next few weeks.  I will post pictures when it arrives.

A few recent projects

This photo on left was taken from our condo balcony in the Portland Pearl District. The picture on the right is my translation using freehand machine embroidery.  The embroidered picture measures about 16"x 20".   The base fabric is osnaburg cotton. 
I used several layers of stabilizer and mile after mile of embroidery thread.  

These two pictures are freehand machine embroidered.  Decorative paper was stabilized and appliqued to the base osnaburg cotton.  Both are 18"x 24". 

A recent birthday card for my sister.  
We had ice cream at Scoops when we visited last year.  

I am working on another freehand machine embroidered picture, but it is not yet ready to be published.  Here is the subject photo:

This is Tanner Springs Park from our balcony.  I hope my translation will do justice to this beautiful view!  I am documenting the process and will post progress photos as I go. 

Come back soon!

I hope you will find something interesting in my sewing room that will compel you to visit often.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions!