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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trip to Columbia Gorge Hotel

Departure from Sewing to Celebrate Fall

Howard and I took a mini-vacation to the Columbia Gorge Hotel.  We had eaten in the restaurant many years ago, but decided to stay over night and enjoy the beautiful scenery and great weather.  

Columbia Gorge Hotel

The Hotel, located in Hood River, is a beautiful 60-mile drive east of Portland.  Built in 1904, it was originally named Wah Gwin Gwin Hotel after the 208-foot falls on the grounds.  It has a diverse history serving presidents, film stars, and during the depression, as a retirement home.  

Very friendly front desk personnel served as bell-hop taking us to our room in the original manually-operated elevator.  

Our room was charming with period furnishings and decoration.  This candlestick phone actually worked!  We had a beautiful view of the river.  On the day we arrived there were small sail boats and several wind surfers taking advantage of the warm weather.

We relaxed on a bench overlooking the river, then took a walk around the grounds....

Wah Gwin Gwin Falls


A perfect ending to a great day!

Sewing News

Santa's workshop is still in full swing with a day off here and there to do small side projects.  I should have more sewing projects to share in two weeks.