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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oblation Paper and Press Thread Sketch

I can't believe we are already into February.  I finally set aside the projects that distracted me in January, and completed the last of the videos for the Oblation Paper and Press Thread Sketch.  

This 8x10 thread sketch is based on a photo taken last fall in front of Oblation Paper and Press, Portland Pearl District.
The first two Oblation videos have been available on my Urban Stitcher® Facebook page and YouTube channel since December.  To commemorate completion of the thread sketch and the video series, I am posting all three videos here.  If you have already watched 1 and 2, scroll down for Oblation Video 3!

Oblation Video 1: Transferring Image to Canvas

Oblation Video 2: Audition and Add Detailed Element

Oblation Video 3: Planters, Shrubs and Finish for Framing

Visit my Urban Stitcher®YouTube Channel for more videos including a video in which I talk about the materials and products I use in creating a thread sketch.  

Coming soon!  Guest artists featuring a variety of arts and crafts.  Thank you for visiting, I will you will come again!